Festival Update. 2002 "Adelaide Festival". [preview]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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Adelaide Review
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No sooner has Artistic Director, Sue Nattrass got things moving and she is handballing the presentation to Karl Telfer, one of five Associate Directors present - of the ten listed in the Program’s staff list. It is his task, with his sister Waiata, to take us through the Kaurna Palti Meyunna, the Opening Ceremony featuring Indigenous people from around Australia and South Australia, as well as representatives from Aotearoa New Zealand, the Zulu Nation of South Africa, Gyuto Monks from Tibet and the Zuni people from New Mexico. It sounds like it will be a majestic event, proceeding from the four outlying squares into Tandanyungga (Victoria Square) for a Spirit Fire ceremony and a dreaming named for an esteemed Kaurna ancestor, Tjilbruke. Other events collectively entitled "Home/Lands" follow over eight more nights, each with a theme such as "Holding Your Ground", "Carrying Country", "Inheritance", "Cross Connections" and "Resilience". "Reminiscence", it turns out, is a free outdoor screening of "Storm Boy", "Heaven is Here" is the ASO under the stars with the "Adelaide Chamber Singers" and the "Philharmonia Chorus" performing, under the baton of Richard Mills, a new work, "Star Chant" by Ross Edwards. "Take Me Home" is a closing concert of country music which is scarily short on line-up details - so far listed are "Seaman Dan" from the Torres Strait, the "Drowners" from Mt Barker and Todd Williams from outback NSW. Country fans may need more blandishments than this.
William Yang, Brian Lipsons, Francis Galton, A Large Attendance in the Antechamber, Chosen, Cross-Connections program, Nick Cave, Blixa, The Parks, Gordon Bennett, Ian Abdulla, Writers Week, Jim Crace, Patricia Grace, Henning Mankell, Michael Ondaatje, Jane Urquhart.
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Bramwell, Murray 2002. Festival Update. Preview of the 2002 "Adelaide Festival". 'The Adelaide Review', February, no.221, 25.