Hans the Boatman

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Shawyer and Co., 22 Currie St., Adelaide.
Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue Number:17 Abstract: Performed at Terry's Theatre in London for 46 weeks and then throughout Great Britain and Australia with enormous success.In Melbourne, 8 weeks at the Bijou Theatre and 6 weeks at the Criterion in Sydney.
Venue: Theatre Royal, Hindley St., Adelaide Physical Description: 2 double sided sheets to produce four pages, on paper. Programme entitled The Darling Cigar Advocate, Adelaide February 1891. Half of back page for Emmanuel Solomon( SP bookie), described as the Broken Hill Leviathan. Second manager of Queen's Theatre, Adelaide. Also refers to performance of My Sweetheart but has no further details. Printer:Shawyer and Co., 22 Currie St., Adelaide.
Professional, Musical Theatre, Musical Comedy, Stacey's Comedy Company [Production Company / Presenting Company ], Wybert Reeve [Administrator ], Herr Holm [Musical Director ], Madge Grey [Performer ], Jessie Stacey [Performer ], Little Mollie - [Performer ], Baby Gertie - [Performer ], Edwin Campbell [Performer ], Violet Sheridan [Performer ], G W Collier [Performer ], E A Stacey [Performer ], J Kennedy [Performer ], Charles Marques [Scenic artist ], G W Collier [Stage manager ], Arthur Garner [Lessee ], James Cassius Williamson [Lessee ], E A Stacey [Sub-Lessee ]