The Australian Corneal Graft Registry 2007 Report

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Williams, Keryn Anne
Lowe, Marie Therese
Bartlett, Christine Mary
Kelly, L
Coster, Douglas John
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Flinders University Press
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The Australian Corneal Graft Registry opened in May 1985 and thus has now been in operation for over 22 years. The census date for this report was 01/09/2006. Over the years, we have collected data on more than 18,500 corneal grafts. The majority of corneal grafts registered have been penetrating, but increasing numbers of lamellar and limbal grafts have also been registered over recent years, as patterns of surgical practice change. At registration, we seek information on the recipient, the donor, the eye bank practices and the operative procedure. Follow-up then occurs at approximately yearly intervals for an indefinite period, and ceases upon loss of the graft, or the death or loss-to-follow-up of the patient. At each round of follow-up, we request information on the graft and visual outcome, and upon relevant post-operative events and treatments. The data are entered into an Access database and checked for consistency. Descriptive, univariate and multivariate analyses are subsequently performed using SPSS and Stata software, and the report is eventually collated.
Actuarial Analysis, Corneal opacity, Corneal transplantation, Graft survival, Keratoconus, Organ preservation, Registries, Tissue donors