Picture Book Quality. "PoM pOm" by Pamela Allen. Patch Theatre [review]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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Adelaide Review
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It is often said that young people deserve the best theatre. And yet, just as often, they end up with the very opposite. Not only have we seen a reduction in the amount of work on offer in all age ranges in the past five years, but, seemingly, there has been a failure of nerve by performing companies desperate to compete with Sony Playstations and the global megaplex. The result has been a kind of theatre of ingratiation, full of brand name slang and back-to-front baseball caps, or worse, a conspiratorial cleverness pitched over the heads of children to the adults sitting up the back. All of which makes "PoM pOm", an adaptation from the picture books of best-selling New Zealand writer Pamela Allen, such a welcome event. Directed by Dave Brown, it marks his return to Patch as Artistic Director, and it reveals that his instincts for his audience are surer than ever.
Odeon Theatre, Pom pom, Dean Hills, David Green, Paul Blackwell, Eileen Darley, Heather Frahn, Vanessa Ellis, Timothy Sexton, Heather Frahn, Paul Blackwell
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Bramwell, Murray 2000. Picture Book Quality. Review of "PoM pOm" by Pamela Allen. 'The Adelaide Review', September, no.200, 35.