Inaction Will Cost Us Our Future

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McKenzie, Amanda
Adelaide Festival Corporation
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Radio Adelaide
Archived with permission from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Radio Adelaide.
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Adelaide Festival of Ideas session, Old Methodist Meeting Hall, 1:00pm, Saturday 8th October, 2011. Chaired by Barbara Hardy. In a recent survey 7 out of 10 members of Generation Y believe older Australians are shifting responsibility for action on climate change into the future. Ninety per cent believe they will have to pay a high price to address climate change. So often, young Australians have heard themselves labeled the ‘Me Generation’. But the irony of that tag is now nowhere more obvious than through the self-interest on display from older generations of decision-makers on climate change. The real question from young Australians is: why not act? We take sensible precautions to protect life and property from the possibility of fire, so why would we not take sensible precautions on pollution and climate change?
Climate change, Social activism, Australian Youth Climate Coalition