Photos from the special performance of 'Coranderrk', performed on Country at Coranderrk Station

Photos from the special performance of 'Coranderrk' - performed on country at the Coranderrk Station in an open-air stage in one of the paddocks near the old Station Manager's house (at 6.30pm). In 1881, the people of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Station took on the Board for the Protection of Aborigines in a fight for justice, dignity and self-determination. Today, we bring their voices back to life through a verbatim reading and live performance of their testimonies before the Coranderrk Parliamentary Inquiry. Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country pays tribute to the resilience and adaptability of a people who rose to the challenge despite all odds, and celebrates the spirit of friendship and genuine collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in pursuit of justice.
Coranderrk, First Nations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander