Mental Health Shared Care in Australia 2001: Report for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care

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Holmwood, Chris
Groom, Grace
Nicholson, Sally-Anne
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This study provides a summary of the current policy and research literature on shared care and comments on the current debates around workforce, training and better coordination and integration of care between general practice and mental health services. It contributes to the knowledge base on the current state of mental health care reform in Australia. The review focuses specifically on better ways of integrating mental health care across the general practice and specialty mental health sectors and provides commentary on the points of influence, key players and social, political and economic events, which together have reshaped the culture of mental health care in Australia. Particular attention is paid to key national policy events in Australian general practice and the specialist mental health sector in the last decade, and how policy makers in both contexts have been influential in shaping a shift in emphasis from an isolationist service delivery model to one of partnership and community-based mental health care.
This literature review was completed to inform the development of the Access to Psychiatry component of the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care Initiative
Mental health services--Australia, Mental health counseling--Australia, Primary Mental Health Care Australian Resource Centre (PARC), Primary Mental Health Care Initiative, General Practitioners