Guest editors' introduction to the Special Issue

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Charlesworth, S
Elder, A
Hill, E
Pocock, Barbara
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National Institute of Labour Studies
This Special Issue of the Australian Bulletin of Labour is edited by the Australian Work+Family Policy Roundtable (W+FPR). The W+FPR exists to translate good research into action. There is a great deal of research available about work and family issues in Australia and around the world, but it is often poorly reflected in public policy and practice. This is a concern, given that work and family policies affect the well-being of millions of people. In this context the goal of the W+FPR is to propose, comment upon, collect, and disseminate research to inform good evidence-based public policy and practice in Australia.
Charlesworth, S., Elder, A., Hill, E. and Pocock, B., 2012. Guest editors' introduction to the Special Issue. Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol. 38 No. 3, pp. 178-183.