Retirement villages

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Graycar, Adam
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For some older people moving is an important and necessary activity and it makes life easier and more comfortable, provides a less stressful lifestyle and gives people a new lease of life. For others it is deeply distressing, as old ties are broken and a journey into the unknown begins. The point to note is that the efforts of moving are very different for different individuals. There are many types of "retirement villages", some operated by charitable or religious bodies, some by public authorities and some by commercial developers. People wishing to move into such a village generally must be in good health and of a minimum age.
Speech given at the Australian Retired Persons Association Annual General Meeting, 17th August 1988, by Adam Graycar, Commissioner for the Ageing, Adelaide, South Australia. This speech is made available under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license:
Ageing, Ageing population, Aged care, Social services, Elderly people, Accommodation for the aged, Welfare, Retirement villages, Life expectancy