Filters and hubs: shortening the distance to palliative care evidence

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Tieman, Jennifer
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Palliative care is an integral part of the care provided by GPs and other primary health care providers, and as Australia’s population ages and the palliative care needs of patients with end stage organ failure are recognised, this area of care is likely to increase. Using a Knowledge Translation framework, two strategies have been used to develop resources to support those providing palliative care in the community. PubMed Searches on a range of common palliative care topics and incorporating a palliative care filter provide an easy and validated mechanism to retrieve relevant literature. A “GP Hub” offers knowledge, skills and practical advice for GPs who provide palliative care in the community. Both resources are freely available within the CareSearch website ensuring immediate access to palliative care information and evidence when it is needed.
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Tieman JJ. Filters and hubs: shortening the distance to palliative care evidence. Australian journal of primary health. 2012;18(4):268-273.