"Confetti" directed by Debbie Isitt [review]

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Prescott, Nick
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Australian Broadcasting Corporation
With both Confetti and the new Australian mockumentary Kenny set to hit our screens in the next few weeks, the fictional documentary is about to experience something of a resurgence in our fair city. During the last ten years, this odd (and easy to produce) genre has blossomed to the point that in both the film and television arenas there have been some astonishing successes made of inexpensive though brilliantly conceived “fly on the wall” fictions. Christopher Guest and co have carved a satirical niche in the US with films like Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman and A Mighty Wind, while in the UK Ricky Gervais made television comedy history with the inspired and excruciatingly discomfiting The Office.
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Prescott, Nick 2006. Review of "Confetti", directed by Debbie Isitt. 891 ABC Adelaide website.