As You Like It

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Shakespeare, William [Playwright]
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Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue No. 27.
Professional Comic Theatre in Three Acts and Epilogue accompanied by Music - Preludes, Incidental and Duet. Further Information: Rupert Clarke and Clyde Maynell Season. Photographs of Lily Brayton, and Oscar Asche Synopsis of Scenes Music Programme of composers and singers (from cast) Venue: Criterion Theatre, Cnr.Park and Pitt Streets, Sydney, NSW
Deborah Nanson [Actor], J. Fritz Russell [Actor], J Harker [Actor], Gerald Kay Souper [Actor], John Arbuthnot [Actor], Cecil Ryan [Actor], Oscar Asche [Actor], Ernest Henshaw [Actor], Tripp Edgar [Actor], H. W. Baker [Actor], Charles Doran [Actor], F. Stephens [Actor], George Relph [Actor], Herbert Grimwood [Actor], Athol Forde [Actor], Caleb Porter [Actor], J. Fritz Russell [Actor], Arthur Trantom [Actor], R F Anson [Actor], Lily Brayton [Actor], Elfrida Clement [Actor], Constance Robertson [Actor], Caroline Bayley [Actor], W Watson [Actor], C L Adams [Actor], A McClelland [Actor], W Reynolds [Actor], F Whitehall [Actor], B Rowley [Actor], A R Richards [Actor], R Allen [Actor], A Thornton [Actor], Leslie Jones [Actor], Reginald Morphew [Actor], Muriel Hutchinson [Actor], Florence Gretton [Actor], Nellie Appelby [Actor], Rachel Room [Actor], Nellie Hobson [Actor], Dorothy Blyth [Actor], J Flanagan [Circus Style Performer], Percy Anderson [Costume Designer], B J Simmons and Co [Costume Maker], B A Meyer [General Manager], F Wynne Jones [Musical Director], J Flanagan [Scenic artist], Mr Clarkson [Wigmaker], M J Coverdale [Administration], Spoken Word, Music