Bad Actors. "Vernon God Little" by D.B.C. Pierre. [review]

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Ley, James
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Australian Book Review
"Vernon God Little" is a black comedy and a vicious satire on the cruelty and narcissism of American society. Most of the action takes place in the town of Martirio, Texas, a small pocket of affluence ringed by decaying suburbs and populated by a collection of grotesques of varying degrees of unpleasantness. This novel is, in the end, morally ambiguous. When it concludes, the question of whether Vernon has succeeded or capitulated is left unresolved. Most likely, it is unresolvable. But that’s the Human Condition for you. Watch out for that fucker.
Australian, Book Reviews, Publishing, fiction, James Ley, Huckleberry Finn, John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces, high school shooting massacre, Mexican Jesus, cinematic film, authenticity, identity, postmodernism
Ley, James 2003. Bad Actors. Review of "Vernon God Little" by D.B.C. Pierre. 'Australian Book Review', No 257, December, 50-51.