"Non-resident Workers: A Comparison of Family Support Services for Resource, Health, and Defence Communities"

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Langdon, Rebecca R
Rowland, Bevan D
Biggs, Herbert C
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National Institute of Labour Studies
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Non-resident workforces experience high labour turnover, which has an impact on organisational operations and affects worker satisfaction and, in turn, partners’ ability to cope with work-related absences. Research suggests that partner satisfaction may be increased by providing a range of support services, which include professional, practical, and social support. A search was conducted to identify support available for resources and health-industry non-resident workers. These were compared to the supports available to families of deployed defence personnel. They were used to compare and contrast the spread available for each industry. The resources industry primarily provided social support, and lacked professional and practical supports. Health-professional support services were largely directed towards extended locum support, rather than to Fly-In Fly-Out workers. Improving sources of support which parallel support provided to the Australian Defence Force is suggested as a way to increase partner satisfaction. The implications are to understand the level of uptake, perceived importance, and utilisation of such support services.
"Langdon, R., Rowland, B., Biggs, H., 2016. Non-resident Workers: A Comparison of Family Support Services for Resource, Health, and Defence Communities. Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol.42 No.1, pp. 93-107"