Fat or thin? Is the verdict in?

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Banbury, John
Brown, Ian Lewis
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Australian Library and Information Association
ABSTRACT Thin client or network computing is a hot topic. The hype claims lower total cost of ownership, faster applications deployment and reduced management pain, compared to traditional computing architectures. Early in 1998 the Flinders University Library installed network computers in the Central and branch libraries for student access to the Internet. This paper is a review of network computers in the light of our experience over the past two years. Do network computers offer all that is claimed in the hype? Are there hidden costs? What are the issues of configuration, server scaling, network performance and fault diagnosis? Do they have a future in the Library arena?
Banbury, J & Brown, I 2000, 'Fat or Thin? Is the Verdict In?' Books and bytes : technologies for the hybrid library. VALA2000 10th Biennial Conference and Exhibition, 16-18 February 2000, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre : Conference Proceedings