The Officers' Mess

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Hoare, Douglas [Playwright]
Blow, Sydney [Playwright]
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Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue Number: 12. Musical Comedy in Three Acts
Further Information: 'Produced by arrangement with Andre Charlot'. 'Harry Rickards was the director of the Tivoli Theatres Ltd'. 'For Farewell Nights of Season' Venue: Prince of Wales Theatre, Grote Street, Adelaide (Earlier 'The Tivoli Theatre'; later 'Her Majesty's'). Physical Description: Double sided, single paper sheet, centre folded Printer: Advertiser Print, Adelaide.
Comedy, Music, The Tivoli Famous Players [Presenting Company], J. Vincent White [Actor], Norma Carlisle [Actor], Phillip Braham [Actor], Marcia Ruthven [Actor], Minnie Love [Actor], Marie La Varre [Actor], A Martin [Actor], A Thompson [Actor], David Hoffman [Actor], Lawrence Hardinge [Actor], Lottie Sargent [Actor], Maggie Moore [Actor], Jack Dunne [Actor], Irene Hill [Actor], Ida Griffen [Actor], Irene Astor [Actor], Muriel Cathcart [Actor], Hugh Styne [Actor], Rex London [Actor], William Valentine [Actor], Daisy Craig [Actor], Leslie Donaghy [Actor][Stage manager], Dot Griffin [Choreographer], Arthur Black [Creator], Fred Lewis [Creator], Cass Downing [Musical Director], Hugh D McIntosh [Presenter], Chas Workman [Producer], Chas Egan [Properties Master], Harry Grist [Scenic artist], Ada Hurley [Wardrobe Mistress], Douglas Hoare [Playwright], Sydney Blow [Playwright]