Long-term Ro60 humoral autoimmunity in primary Sjogren's syndrome is maintained by rapid clonal turnover

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Jul-13, 2013-07-01
Lindop, Rhianna
Arentz, Georgia
Bastian, Isabell
Whyte, Andrew F
Thurgood, Lauren Alexandra
Chataway, Timothy Kennion
Jackson, Michael W
Gordon, Thomas Paul
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Long-term humoral autoimmunity to RNA–protein autoantigens is considered a hallmark of systemic autoimmune diseases. We use high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometric autoantibody sequencing to track the evolution of a Ro60-specific public clonotypic autoantibody in 4 patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome. This clonotype is specified by a VH3–23/VK3–20 heavy and light chain pairing. Despite apparent stability by conventional immunoassay, analysis of V-region molecular signatures of clonotypes purified from serum samples collected retrospectively over 7 years revealed sequential clonal replacement. Prospective longitudinal studies confirmed clonotype loss and replacement at approximately three-monthly intervals. Levels of secreted anti-Ro60 clonotypes fluctuated markedly over time, despite minimal changes in clonal affinity. Our novel findings indicate a relentless turnover of short-lived clonotypic variants, masquerading as long-lived Ro60 humoral autoimmunity.
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Sjogren's syndrome, Autoimmunity, Ribonucleoproteins
Lindop, R., Arentz, G., Bastian, I., Whyte, A.F., Thurgood, L.A., Chataway, T.K., Jackson, M.W. and Gordon, T.P., 2013. Long-term Ro60 humoral autoimmunity in primary Sjogren's syndrome is maintained by rapid clonal turnover. Clinical Immunology, 148(1), 27-34.