Estimation of vehicle queuing lengths at metering roundabouts

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An, Hong Ki
Yue, Wen Long
Stazic, Branko
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Chang'an University.
Signalized metering roundabouts are equipped with advanced loop detectors and traffic signals that can reduce vehicle queuing lengths, especially on the dominant approach, when unbalanced traffic flow conditions occur. At a metering roundabout, changeable queuing lengths and the location of detectors determine signal phase times, which in turn affect queuing length on each approach. To date, most studies have focused on performance comparisons between normal and metered roundabouts, but have failed to evaluate the effect of detector locations on queuing formations. In addition, no guidelines have been developed to enable practitioners to select the appropriate detector location that would lead to optimum roundabout performance. This study, therefore, formulated a numerical model for the estimation of queuing length at a metering roundabout. The model consists of advance vehicle detectors on two approaches and one traffic signal. In order to calibrate and verify the model, queuing lengths were recorded using two drones for the Old Belair Road metering roundabout in Adelaide, South Australia. In order to assess the fitness of the model, an R2 test was conducted, and the results showed that the numerical model can predict queuing lengths on the controlling and metered approaches with up to 83% of R2 value. Moreover, the estimated queuing lengths were compared against those predicted by the software AIMSUN for the same location and under the same conditions. It is expected that the model will assist and guide practitioners in determining the best detector locations for metering roundabouts.
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Unbalanced traffic flow, Metering roundabout, Advance detector location, AIMSUN, Queuing length estimation model
An, H. K., Yue, W. L., & Stazic, B. (2017). Estimation of vehicle queuing lengths at metering roundabouts. Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition), 4(6), 545–554.