Agencies, services and Government funding

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Graycar, Adam
Silver, Wendy
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State governments provide for disabled people's needs through their departments of health, education and welfare. Most State Governments also provide funds to non-government welfare organizations (NGWOs) in this area of service. The Commonwealth Government provides for income security through the invalid pension. It also supports some families with disabled members via the Handicapped Child's Allowance and Domiciliary Nursing Benefits as well as some direct services through its network of rehabilitation centres. Through the Department of Social Security's "Handicapped Persons Welfare Programme" it subsidises the activities of NGWOs providing services for disabled people. Late in 1981 a study was conducted of some aspects of the functioning of NGWOs providing services to disabled people in Western Australia. A full report of the study has been published as a monograph by the authors entitled "Funding of Non-Government Welfare: Agencies Serving Disabled People in Western Australia".
Speech presented in Perth in August 1982 by Adam Graycar, Director, Social Welfare Research Centre, University of New South Wales and Wendy Silver, Consultant Social Worker. This speech is made available under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license:
Social security, Invalid pension, Non-government welfare organisations, Disabled people, Social services funding