Reconceptualiser le cinéma dans les études de langues: du film au Wiki

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Maurer, Louise
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Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, Flinders University
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This article deals with the development of a course in cinema for students in a French programme of an Australian university. The author justifies her key pedagogical choices both with respect to the proposed analysis of the cinematic texts studied (an intercultural approach dealing with genre and intertextuality) and to the activity required of students (collaborative construction of wiki pages discussing the films). The first part of the paper presents an example of the kind of analysis that was presented to students, with a contrastive discussion of the French film Le Pacte des Loups and the Australian film Razorback in terms of generic mixity, local adaptation of wider cinematic tropes and questions of cultural representation. The second reports on a learning activity in which students, in collaboration with peers, built multimodal wiki pages presenting their own analyses of films. These wikis were open for viewing by all class members and generated discussion across groups. Finally, the author evaluates the use of the wikis, in terms of student reaction to them and also her own pedagogical objectives in encouraging deeper, critical, analysis of the films chosen.
French cinema
Maurer, L. (2010). Reconceptualiser le cinéma dans les études de langues: du film au Wiki . Flinders University Languages Group Online Review , 4(2).