Complimentary Performance and Farewell to Mr Wybert Reeve: Waterloo or the Old Veteran / Pickwick

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Conan Doyle [Original Story], Arthur
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Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue No. 10.
Venue: Theatre Royal, Hindley St., Adelaide Further Information: Farewell to Mr Wybert Reeve from the citizens of Adelaide in recognition of his 12 years' residence amongst them as Lessee and Manager of the Theatre Royal. 'Based on the story by Arthur Conan Doyle' 'The performance will be under the patronage of and in the presence of His Excellency Lord and Lady Tennyson, Sir Samuel Way, Sir R.C. Baker, His Worship the Mayor and Mayoress Sir Edwin and Lady Smith, Mr and Mrs R. Barr Smith, University Shakespearean Society, Literary Societies' Union, Naval and Military Club, etc.' Physical Description: 2 sheet / 4 page printed programme
Signor V De Giorgio [Accompanist], Talbot Smith [Actor], Percy Whitington [Actor], F P Eaves [Actor], Percy Von Treuer [Actor], G Mostyn Evan [Actor], Julian Ayers [Actor], F H Pollock [Actor], Nellie McCabe [Actor], O P Heggie [Actor], J H Lyons [Actor], Mary Bancroft [Actor], Edith Sack [Actor], Wybert Reeve [Actor], Dansey Murphy [Actor], Thomas Grigg [Conductor], P A Howells [Musical Arranger], W J Graham [Singer], Ethel Lohrmann [Singer], Wandborough Fisher [Singer], Lucy Stevenson [Singer], Mrs E W Oldham [Singer], Oscar Taeuber [Singer], Lilian Davis [Singer], Drama, Spoken Word