Heritage, Tourism and Integrity – Making it Work

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Leader-Elliott, Lynette Frances
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This paper examines some of the issues that arise when heritage and tourism intersect, and briefly discusses two recent Australian projects which take different approaches but which both offer guidelines for achieving the economic benefits of tourism while respecting the principles of heritage conservation and management.
interpretive centres, arts and crafts, souvenirs, cultural and heritage experiences, Richard Prentice, commercialisation, commercial exploitation, cultural resource, identity, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, ethical tourism, museum, historical building, theme parks, national parks, indigenous cultural sites, archaeological sites, heritage trail, Shipwreck Coast, Copper Triangle, cultural tourism, heritage tourism, Australian Heritage Commission, traditions, customs, religious practices, cultural celebrations, monuments, landscapes, heritage centres, guided tours, recreated villages, sightseeing, nostalgia-driven, ethnic identity, Heritage Trails Network, Strategy for the Tourism Drive Market, Outback, Explorer Highway, Stuart Highway, Ghan Railway, Southern Ocean Shipwrecks Trail, Golden Pipeline, Mundaring-Kalgoorlie, goldfields, Mitchell, Office of National Tourism, New Heritage Regime, cultural integrity, site protection, conservation, visitor management, customer service, business enterprise, sustainability, Tourism Council Australia, CRC, Tourism with Integrity, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, AusIndustry, curators, collections policy, Mannum Dock Museum Board, PS Marion, River Murray, Randall, Burra, National Trust, Burra Passport System, Successful Tourism at Heritage Places
Tourism research
Leader-Elliott, Lyn 2001. Heritage, Tourism and Integrity – Making it Work. 'Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology ', no. 25, 69-74.