Design collaboration using a 3D virtual environment: a pedagogic case study

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Wyeld, Theodor
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Researchers are beginning to explore the role of digital design collaboration within multi-user 3D virtual environments. In the latest installment of an ongoing remote digital design collaboration project with the Sydney University Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition (KCDC), the University of Queensland Information Environments Program (IEP) co-coordinated an online production of T. S. Eliot's The Cocktail Party in a 3D virtual world environment. This paper describes the process and pedagogical outcomes of early learners collaborating remotely in digital 3D media.
3D, Three D, Collaborative virtual environment, Educational technologies, Pedagogy, Virtual environment, Visualisation
Proceedings of 'Making a difference with the Web', the 11th Australasian World Wide Web Conference (AusWeb 05), Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 02-06 July 2005 / Andrew Treloar and Allan Ellis (eds.), pp. 63-68