Still a Way to Go. "Australian Republicanism: A Reader" by Mark McKenna and Wayne Hudson (eds). [review]

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Rundle, Guy
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Australian Book Review
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As Mark McKenna and Wayne Hudson point out in their introduction to this anthology of writings, speeches and transcripts on the inglorious republic, there is no one single thing called ‘Australian republicanism’. The cause has been a part of movements so different that the participants would not necessarily recognise common ground with one another. Ironically, the anthology that has resulted from this aim tends to mirror the problems of the movement that it set out to address. Most interesting of all is the way in which this book has distorted the picture of the past by leaving out the mass cultural forms and enthusiasm within which republicanism is set. It is a mistake that the movement has been trying to correct, and this book is part of that. Judging by its final form, there is still quite a way to go.
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Rundle, Guy 2003. Still a Way to Go. Review of "Australian Republicanism: A Reader" by Mark McKenna and Wayne Hudson (eds). 'Australian Book Review', No 257, December, 21.