The right to shelter - elderly people in residential care

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Graycar, Adam
Sumner, Ros
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The looming explosion in social care poses formidable challenges for policy makers in the gerontological area. Our residential care system which provides sheltered and supported accommodation for disabled people both young and old, is on the verge of significant and monumental change. The Commonwealth Department of Community Services has made considerable moves in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the present system, in gathering vast amounts of data, and in considering sympathetically and humanely how people requiring residential care can live with dignity and have services appropriate to their needs.
Speech given at the National Human Rights Congress First National Conference, Sydney, 27th September 1987 by Adam Graycar, Commissioner for the Ageing. This speech is made available under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license:
Ageing, Ageing population, Social services, Elderly people, Aged care, Age pensioners, Older people, Residential care