French Migration to South Australia (1955-1971): What Alien Registration documents can tell us

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Bouvet, Eric James
Boudet-Griffin, Elizabeth
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Department of Languages, Flinders University
The present article investigates the demographic characteristics of French migrants to South Australia in the 1950s and 1960s. These two decades are of particular interest because during this period French migration to Australia was strongly influenced by the implementation of a series of assisted passage schemes. As a result, the number of settler arrivals to Australia reached unprecedented heights during this period. This study, based on original data collected at the National Archives of Australia, provides an opportunity to identify migratory and settlement trends and measure the scope of assisted migration. In order to establish the historical context of the present investigation, the paper gives an overview of the composition and development of the French community in Australia from the days of settlement to the 1970s.
Languages, Language and Culture, France, migrants, immigration, demographic, Stuer, demographic characteristics, NAA, colonial, gold, wool, G.A.P.S., S.P.A.P., DIMIA, post-war, ABS, Pieds noirs, Commonwealth Migrant Centres
Bouvet, E.J. & Boudet-Griffin, E., 2005. French migration to South Australia (1955-1971): what alien registration documents can tell us. Flinders University Languages Group On-Line Review, 2(2), 1-20.