No Free Ride. "The Bright Shapes and the True Names: A Memoir" by Patrick McCaughey. [review]

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Wallace-Crabbe, Chris
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Australian Book Review
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"The Bright Shapes and the True Names" is an autobiography-to-date by a man of many parts, a natural extrovert who has directed three major art galleries, as well as having been a youthful Monash professor. As the title, drawn from his admired teacher Vincent Buckley, indicates, he has sustained much interest in poetry and drama as well. On both sides of the Pacific, his life so far has been a colourful one, his stutter imitated in a thousand conversations. But he has always had to be on his guard against becoming merely what Yeats called ‘a smiling public man’.
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Wallace-Crabbe, Chris 2003. No Free Ride. Review of "The Bright Shapes and the True Names: A Memoir" by Patrick McCaughey. 'Australian Book Review', No 255, October, 26-27.