Fringe Benefits. "Adelaide Fringe Festival" Fringe Theatre. [review]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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Adelaide Review
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Those long lines down Angas Street, out of the Nova on Rundle Street and the big mobs around the Scott Theatre were all for comedy acts. Some were worth the wait - the eccentric Daniel Kitson, Lano and Woodley’s hypermanic slapstick on "The Island" and the slowburn Dave Hughes. Others such as Brit Com-edy and the usually staunch Rod Quantock were not. The first week is clearly the time to strike and the excellent "Horse Country" and "Cincinnati" were in and out before the Festival and Womad could start distracting the punters. Also in early was one of my favourites, UK act Peepolykus’s show, "Mindbender". With Sidekick Bernard and not-very-subtle audience plant, Raymond, Michael Santos (aka David Sant) is the Mindbender, reaching into the audience to tell us - Raymond’s radio mike permitting - our names, addresses and our deepest thoughts. It was hilariously cheesy with mime gags, palm readings, lounge music, big jewellery and no-one will forget Bonko, the gypsy bear. At the FringeHUB venue in the Adelaide Uni Union we saw a number of excellent shows over three weeks. Theatre Simple from Seattle served us well, particularly with "Notes From Underground" as did Fresh Track with "Morph" and "Songs For the Deaf".
Festival review, Arts festivals, Adelaide Fringe
Bramwell, Murray 2004. Fringe Benefits. Review of the "Adelaide Fringe Festival" Fringe Theatre. 'The Adelaide Review', no.247, April, 22.