South Australian Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway Evaluation: Phase 1 Report

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Dymmott, Alison
Brebner, Chris
George, Stacey
Campbell, Narelle
O'Connor, Julianne
May, Jodie
Poklar, Silvana
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Flinders University
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Flinders University
In 2019 Rural Health Workforce Strategy funding, provided by the Government of South Australia, supported the introduction of the Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway (AHRGP) as a strategy for improving allied health workforce and quality outcomes for rural and remote South Australians. This pathway was originally developed through a collaboration between the Allied Health Professions Office of Queensland, Services for Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH), Australian state and territory healthcare sectors, and other stakeholders including universities and the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association. The education component of the AHRGP is provided by James Cook University in two levels for newly qualified and more experienced Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). Rural generalist trainees enrolled in the program undertake course work and work-based projects throughout the program. They have protected time within their workload to study as well as dedicated profession specific supervision.
© 2020 Flinders University
Rural health, Allied health workforce, Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), Trainees
Dymmott, A., Brebner, C., George, S., Campbell, N., O'Connor, J., May, J., & Poklar, S. (2020). South Australian Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway Evaluation: Phase 1 Report. Flinders University.