Adrift in a Sea of Love and Loss. 'drowning in my ocean of You' by Fiona Sprott. State Theatre Company. [review]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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Adelaide Review
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It must be many years since a red velvet curtain has been seen in the appealingly dilapidated Queen’s Theatre, but it suits the mannered theatrics of Fiona Sprott’s drowning in my ocean of You, a play for voices and crooners set at the edge of a pier and, at times, at the edge of the wits as well. In this commissioned work for State Theatre, Sprott continues the appealing mix of whimsy and angst which she delved with her character of Jezebel in the highly rated monologues - Often I Find When I am Naked and Partly It’s About Love…Partly It’s About Massacre - performed by Jacqueline Linke. This play is about the ways in which events lodge in memory and in the unconscious- family experiences, rituals and disturbances.
Theatre Reviews, Drama Reviews, Theatre, Drama, Adelaide, Queen’s Theatre, Chris Drummond, Robert Cousins, Stuart Day, Stephen Sheehan, Jacqy Phillips, Colleen Cross, Rory Walker, OnSite Theatre Laboratory
Bramwell, Murray 2003. Adrift in a Sea of Love and Loss. Review of 'drowning in my ocean of You' by Fiona Sprott, 'The Adelaide Review', November 3, no.242, 22.