Workers’ Perceptions of FIFO Work in North Queensland, Australia

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Blackman, A
Welters, R
Murphy, L
Eagle, L
Pearce, M
Pryce, J
Lynch, P
Low, D
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National Institute of Labour Studies
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"The impact of the fly-in fly-out (FIFO) lifestyle on the psychosocial and emotional well-being of the workers and their families has been a topic of discussion in local media, forums, and research, with mixed findings. In addition, there are reports that the communities that carry the increased presence of nonresident workers suffer erosion of social, human, economic, institutional, and environmental capital. This study outlines the positive effects of a FIFO lifestyle and discusses the results from a survey conducted by the authors on North Queensland FIFO workers. In particular, the demography of the FIFO workforce in North Queensland, workers’ perceptions of FIFO work, and their perceptions of the impacts on social interaction for FIFO workers. The article closes with a brief outline of future research areas."
Blackman, A., Welters, R., Murphy, L., Eagle, L., Pearce, M., Pryce, J., Lynch, P., Low, D., 2014. Workers’ Perceptions of FIFO Work in North Queensland, Australia. Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol.40 No. 2, pp. 180-200