Les manuels récents de français langue étrangère : entre perspective actionnelle et approche communicative

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Puren, Christian
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Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, Flinders University
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FULGOR, Flinders University
In order to trace the emergence of the influence of an action-oriented approach to language teaching and learning, this paper presents an examination of activities proposed by three recent French textbooks. The textbooks treated are still very much grounded in the communicative approach, although to varying degrees, while they attempt to move towards a more action-oriented pedagogy. The interest of observing these “transitional” textbooks is that such an examination can reveal differences and similarities in logic with regards to the approach and also what might be modified in terms of teaching practice in the future. The paper concludes by raising the issue of how to construct phases in textbook teaching units within the logical framework of an action-oriented approach and proposes different models of organisation.
action-oriented approach, language teaching and learning
Puren, C. (2010). Les manuels récents de français langue étrangère : entre perspective actionnelle et approche communicative. Flinders University Languages Group Online Review , 4(2).