French migration to Australia in the post WWII period: Benevolent tolerance and cautious collaboration

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Bouvet, Eric James
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Department of Languages, Flinders University
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The main objective of this study is to consider the diplomatic relations between France and Australia in the three decades following World War II with a view to documenting the events that contributed to the development of French migration to Australia. This period is significant in the context of the history of the French in Australia because in the thirty years that followed the war, more French migrants arrived in Australia than at any other time in the history of the French presence in this country. The few studies that have been concerned with French migration to Australia have not examined in great detail the events that took place during this time. In order to shed light on the diplomatic relations between France and Australia relative to the question of French migration, I have analysed archival materials, including formerly classified Commonwealth and diplomatic correspondence recently released by the National Archives of Australia. Before presenting an account of the events that shaped post World War II migration from France, this article will outline the state of the research on the French in Australia and provide an overview of the development of the French community in Australia from the days of settlement to the earlY 1970S.
Australia Relations France, France Relations Australia, Immigration--Australia
Bouvet, E.J., 2007. French migration to Australia in the post WWII period: benevolent tolerance and cautious collaboration. Flinders University Languages Group On-Line Review, 3(2), 15-37.