Use of chronic disease management software in Australia

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Erny-Albrecht, Katrina
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Primary Health Care Research & Information Service
Computer based chronic disease management or clinical decision software packages are being developed partly in response to the barriers to optimal care identified by general practitioners: complexity of care regimens, administrative burden, and need for communication within multidisciplinary teams.1 The premise is that the cost of implementation may be offset by improved patient outcomes resulting in reduced complications and/or hospitalisation events. Achieving this is likely to require ongoing management and monitoring to ensure individuals receive optimal care over the long term, as well as practice support to manage the increasing numbers of patients and improve adherence to best‐practice. This RESEARCH ROUNDup summarises the latest evidence and current status of computer software use for chronic disease management in Australia.
Erny-Albrecht K. (2015). Use of chronic disease management software in Australia. RESEARCH ROUNDup Issue 44. Adelaide: Primary Health Care Research & Information Service.