Shrinking the Language. "Glory", by Sarah Brill and "Runestone", by Anna Cidor and "Swan Song", by Colin Thiele. [review]

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Newell, Patrice
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Australian Book Review
The books under review here cater for widely differing age groups. The difference is not dictated by language — the level of English in each could be handled by any competent nine-year-old — but by their subject matter. "Runestone", the first in a series by Anna Ciddor, is set in Scandinavia during Viking times. Colin Thiele’s "Swan Song" is a step back in time. In "Glory", Sarah Brill’s first novel, readers will have dined on anorexia and adoption worries, and been exposed to suicide by page seventeen. By the book’s end, Brill’s fifteen-year-old heroine has left home, got a job, lost the job, lost her virginity, experimented with a smorgasbord of drugs, shacked up with a loser, faced eviction and experienced homelessness.
Book review, Children's literature, Australian fiction
Newell, Patrice 2002. Shrinking the Language. Review of "Glory" by Sarah Brill and "Runestone" by Anna Cidor and "Swan Song" by Colin Thiele. 'Australian Book Review', No 242, June/July, 62-63.