Authenticity of product: Italian heritage and branding in the Australian wine industry. [abstract].

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King, Sara
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This paper will discuss the use of cultural markers in branding and marketing techniques of Italian Australian winemakers. A survey of these brands carried out by the author found that Italian wine makers in Australia almost invariably refer to their Italian heritage in their marketing material. The use of this reference, and often their immigrant ‘rags to riches’ stories are utilised in an attempt to add authenticity to their product, to make them stand out from the others in an increasingly competitive and overcrowded market. But does it work? What do we think we are buying when we buy an ‘Italian’ product? What cultural associations do we make as Australian consumers? The commodification of culture is an area of study that would be well adapted to Italians in the wine industry in Australia, and is the focus of this paper.
research, Sara King, M.B. Beverland, sincere story, international, Italian-Australian, "Italianness", passion, G. Grant