Report on the development of two search filters for retrieving the sarcoma literature: a white paper

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Flinders Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying
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The literature related to sarcoma is published in a diffuse range of specialist journals and is growing steadily. To expedite access to high-quality information and evidence on sarcoma, Flinders Filters partnered with Cancer Council Australia (CCA) to create a high-quality search filter that provides clinicians and others with quick and easy access to the existing sarcoma research evidence base. Both of the Sarcoma Search Filters that were developed achieved a high recall of the gold standard set, with 94.6% for the Specific Filter, and 99.8% for the Sensitive Filter. The Filters permit clinicians, researchers and others to perform a standardised, systematic search of the sarcoma literature with a known level of performance, enabling them to locate and use the best available evidence quickly and easily. Ultimately, it is hoped that the search filter described in this White Paper will help clinicians and others treat those with sarcoma more effectively by enabling access to high level, focused evidence simply by clicking a link.
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Search filters, Sarcoma, Clinicians
Lawrence, M, Tieman, J, Report on the Development of Two Search Filters for Retrieving the Sarcoma Literature. RePaDD White Paper. Adelaide, South Australia: Flinders University Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying: 2015. Available at: