A Case Study of Online Support for International Students in a Doctoral Program

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Feast, Vicki
Anderson, Jonathan
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Shannon Research Press
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Online delivery methods that replicate aspects of face-to-face teaching and facilitate learning at a distance are becoming a more common teaching and learning approach in Australian universities teaching external international students. This paper examines a trial of a new online method of course delivery, using a CD-ROM as the basis of materials provision, communication and interaction, for a group of Thai doctoral students in a course at Flinders University in South Australia called Approaches to Research. The paper uses a case study approach and employs a focus group to collect data. The twin purposes of the paper are to describe the two methods of course delivery in which Approaches to Research is taught and to investigate the views of the Thai student group about the success of replicating face-to-face with online teaching. The findings of the paper, which are organised into themes, may provide pointers to university staff contemplating the use of online teaching to facilitate learning at a distance for international students. [Author abstract]
Computer assisted teaching, Distance education, Doctoral programs, Foreign students
Feast, V. & Anderson, J., 2003. A case study of online support for international students in a doctoral program. International Education Journal, 4(2), 78-88.