Networked Identity Work as Project Development Among Co-Creative Communities

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Vivienne, Sonja
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Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University
Networked identity work is the conscious negotiation or co-creation of identity, enacted by speaking and listening across differences among multiple publics, including those real and imagined, familiar and unknown, on and offline, present and future. It is a concept I explore extensively in research with queer Digital Storytellers who share their personal stories in public places to catalyse social change (Vivienne 2013). In this article I consider distinctions between ‘story’ and ‘identity’; ‘networking’ and ‘networked identity work’ and argue that the two concepts may be usefully employed in development of co-creative community projects. Finally I consider how variable definitions of co-creativity influence project development.
“Copyright 2013 Cultural Science Journal, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University. Published version of the paper reproduced here with permission from the publisher.” Final version available from the publisher website:
Vivienne, S. (2013). Networked Identity Work as Project Development Among Co-Creative Communities. Cultural Science Journal, 6(1) pp. 61-70.