Zimbabwe's crisis: local and global contexts

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Lyons, Tanya Julie
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African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)
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In this 29th year of Zimbabwe's independence, the Zimbabwean dollar is near worthless, with one hundred trillion buying only AUD$4. There is evidence that state sanctioned violence and killings continue in the country despite the progress of the new government of national unity, and Mugabe's calls for 'national healing.' Australia has only slightly downgraded its travel warning to the country while 254 Zimbabweans remain subjected to 'travel and financial sanctions' in Australia. The Australian government website on Zimbabwe has yet to update its list of Heads of Government for Zimbabwe to include Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister (www.dfat.gov.au/geo/zimbabwe/index.html), while Mugabe is still saluted as "Your Excellency". When he was Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd once criticised the Howard government for achieving no gains in the Zimbabwean crisis. Now as Prime Minister, will Rudd be able to put Africa and indeed Zimbabwe onto Australia's agenda?
Economics, African politics, Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Violence
Lyons, T.J., 2009. Zimbabwe's crisis: local and global contexts. The Australasian Review of African Studies, 30(1), 3-7.