Trump Studies: The Double Refusal and Silent Majorities in Theoretical Times

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Brabazon, Tara
Redhead, Steve
Chivaura, Runyararo
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This article builds on the embryonic inter/trans/anti/disciplinary Trump Studies to generate a theoretical framework for understanding the Brexit outcome and Trump’s victory. The consequences of researchers operating in a post-expertise political sphere means that new theories are required to create innovative interdisciplinary solutions to difficult, defiant and troubling social and economic problems. Using Jean Baudrillard’s theorization of banality and Stuart Hall’s ‘Great Moving Right Show,’ we consider how higher education researchers remain engaged in public discussions of, about and with ‘the silent majority.’
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Trump Studies, Donald Trump, Brexit, 2016 Presidential election, Great Moving Right Show
Brabazon, T., Redhead, S., & Chivaura, R. (2018). Trump Studies: The Double Refusal And Silent Majorities In Theoretical Times. Cultural Studies Review, 24(2).