Write from the Heart: An Interview with Brian Wrixon, a Poet from Canada

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Ajit Kumar
Brian Wrixon
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Brian Wrixon, a poet, was born in 1946 in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Laurentian University in Canada with a degree in Classical Studies, and is a former faculty member, online curriculum design consultant and program coordinator at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. His working career in the financial services business spanned forty years. He has contributed his poems to numerous collections of poetry. Apart from this, as a poet, he has written Poetry in Motion Volumes 1 & 2 (2011), Confessions of a Would-Be Poet (2011), Heartbeats, Footsteps & Musings (2012), Doors (2013), Down to the Sea in Words (2013), The Moving Finger Writes (2013), Sculptured Words (2013), A tisket, a tasket, poems in a Basket (2013), It’s a Sign of the Times (2013), Nightmares & Dreams (with Rollie Mukherjee) (2013),Shoot From the Hip: Memories of a Small Town (2013), A Return Ticket: Memories of Leaving a Small Town (2013), My Passage to India (2014), A Look at Yesterday (with Robert Vincent) (2014), Our Town Revisited (with Robert Vincent) (2014) and Desperate Freedom: a Play in Four Acts (2014). Apart from composing a good number of poems, he has edited many anthologies of poems and operates as a publisher as well. In addition to writing and publishing numerous poetry and prose works of his own, he has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of young and emerging authors from around the world get published, either personally or as contributors to group anthologies.
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