Gay men's experience of surrogacy clinics in India

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Riggs, Damien Wayne
Due, Clemence
Power, Jennifer
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Abstract: While growing numbers of Australian gay men are entering into 'offshore' surrogacy arrangements in order to become parents, little empirical research has been conducted with this population. This paper reports on a qualitative analysis of interviews with 12 gay men who had entered into surrogacy arrangements in India. The findings outline both positive and negative experiences in terms of support pre-­‐conception, during the birth and post-­‐birth. Changes to legislation in India mean that gay men can no longer access surrogacy services there, but it is important to understand the experiences of men who had previously accessed those services. The paper concludes by highlighting aspects of the data that demonstrate the particular experiences of gay men who undertake offshore surrogacy arrangements, especially with regard to their need for support and involvement in all aspects of the process. A more thoroughly developed network of care may help to facilitate such support and this may further increase the positive outcomes reported by gay men who form families through surrogacy arrangements.
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Riggs, D., Due, C. and Power, J. (2015). Gay men's experience of surrogacy clinics in India. Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, 41:48-53 doi:10.1136/jfprhc-2013-100671