Kicking the Infrastructure Habit

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Gardner-Stephen, Paul Mark
Mackie, Greg
Adelaide Festival Corporation
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Radio Adelaide
Archived with permission from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Radio Adelaide.
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Adelaide Festival of Ideas session, Elder Hall, 1:15pm, Saturday 8th October, 2011. This is the Jim Bettison Memorial Oration, chaired by Greg Mackie.. Modern communications systems use extensive and expensive infrastructure to deliver services we could only dream of a few decades ago. This works for those who enjoy peace and sufficient wealth, but fails to reach the last billion people in poorer countries, as well as those in remote, emergency or disaster situations. Now modern mobile phones have the potential to communicate directly, to form networks without reliance on any infrastructure. The Serval Project based at Flinders University is turning this dream into a reality. It is working to make communications available to everyone, anywhere, any time - especially to those who need it most.
Communications technology, Disadvantaged persons, Serval Project, Science and innovation