‘Drama is most certainly not a flourishing genre in Canadian Literature’: Allison McWood interfacing.

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Allison McWood
R.P. Singh
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Allison McWood is a full-time, multi award-winning playwright, screenwriter and librettist from Ontario, Canada, who takes a particular interest in farce and satire. Allison holds an honours degree in English Literature from York University in Toronto, with a specialisation in Renaissance Drama. She also spent two years studying Playwriting and Dramaturgy through York’s Department of Theatre and received a diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. To date, she has written more than 30 plays and more than 20 feature screenplays, with a character count of more than 1000. Her plays have been produced across Canada and have received national and international acclaim, both theatrically and academically. In addition to playwriting, she has also worked for multiple seasons as a production dramaturge for Canadian, Shakespeare companies. Her book, Scribble Guys, a children’s story about racism, was published in 2005 and endorsed by the ERACE Foundation (Eliminating Racism and Creating Equality). Scribble Guys was also featured at the 2005 Martin Luther King Day Celebration in Franklin, Tennessee. Currently, Allison is working with film producers from Hollywood, Paris, London, Toronto and New Delhi.
Allison McWood, Canadian playwrights, Canadian theatre, Children's literature, Christopher Marlowe, Renaissance drama, William Shakespeare