What does international law say about an attack on Taiwan?

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October 2023
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Jeff Bleich Centre, Flinders University
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According to reports , mainland China hopes to be “ready by 2027” to attack Taiwan, though some observers doubt it will actually attack. If it does, policymakers will have many questions: questions about missiles and casualties and how the United States will react. It would be naïve to expect them to focus on international law, which is not likely to have a huge influence on events. Still, it might have some influence. It provides a common language—a legal lingua franca—for states from all continents and with diverse political systems to debate what is right or wrong. It might shape whether some states support one side or the other with funds, sanctions, or even military assistance. We saw that after Russia unlawfully invaded Ukraine in2022.
Law/Jurisprudence, International law
Nicholson, Rowan (2023) What does international law say about an attack on Taiwan? Jeff Bleich Centre, College of Business, Government and Law, Flinders University SA. DOI: 10.25957/jxkq-gt26