On the Methodology of Greek-Australian Historiography

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Nicolacopoulos, Toula
Vassilacopoulos, George
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Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek
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This paper addresses some of the methodological issues that are raised by efforts to write the history of the Greek-Australian communities. In general Australian historiography tends to undervalue the national significance of Greek-Australian history. We attempt firstly to outline the conditions under which we might begin to redress this weakness. To this end we identify the role that the communities play in the development of white Australian national identity throughout the twentieth century by arguing that white Australia has assigned to the migrant communities the social position of what we call the “perpetual foreigner-within”. We then proceed to sketch some of the main features of two patterns of response to this assignment that have developed within the Greek-Australian communities of the twentieth century.
Greek Research, Greece, Australia, language, literature, Toula Nicolacopoulos, George Vassilacopoulos
Nicolacopoulos, Toula and Vassilacopoulos, George 2005. On the Methodology of Greek-Australian Historiography. In E. Close, M. Tsianikas and G. Frazis (eds.) "Greek Research in Australia: Proceedings of the Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies, Flinders University April 2003", Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek: Adelaide, 275-286.