A Stranger in a Strange Land

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Wilmer, Sydney [Playwright]
Vincent, Walter [Playwright]
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Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue No. 28.
'A Short Season of Laughter and Merriment by Geo. Willoughby and his London Comedy Company. A Stranger in a Strange Land: An Original Farce in Three Acts by Sydney Wilmer and Walter Vincent. Staged for Merry Merriment Only.' Venue: Princess Theatre, Spring Street Melbourne Physical Description: 16 folded page programme including cardboard covers
Willoughby and Ward New London Comedy Company[Production Company], Princess Orchestra [Presenting Company], George Willoughby [Actor], T Cannam [Actor], T E Leonard [Actor], Lawrence Hanray [Actor], Norman McKeown [Actor], Edwin Lester [Actor], Charles Knight [Actor], Miss Roland Watts-Phillips [Actor], Athena Claudius [Actor], Roxy Barton [Actor], Laura Nicholls [Actor], Lillie Bryer [Actor], A Cowan [Administrator], Edwin Geach [Administrator], George Willoughby [Animateur], Wynne Jones [Conductor], T Cannam [Stage manager], T E Leonard [Stage manager], H Bennett [Special Effects], Spoken Word, Farce, Suttons Pianos [Advertisement], American Hat Stores [Advertisement], Lucas's New Cafe and Supper Rooms [Advertisement], The New PD Corsets[Advertisement], Are You Ill? Vita Datio will Cure You [Advertisement], Wertheim Pianos [Advertisement], Hennessy's Brandy [Advertisement]