Visualising collaboration via email: finding the key players

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Puade, Onn Azraai
Wyeld, Theodor
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Email is an important form of asynchronous communication. Visualizing analyses of email communication patterns during a collaborative activity help us better understand the nature of collaboration, and identify the key players. By analysing the contents of email communication and adding reflective comments on its perceived importance from the participants of a collaboration new information can be gleaned not immediately obvious in its original flat form. This paper outlines a proof-of-concept prototype collaborative email visualisation schema. Data from a collaboration case study is analysed and subsequently employed to construct a display of the relative impact of both key players and the types of email used.
Collaborative virtual environment, Email communication, Visualization
Proceedings of the 10th International IEEE Conference on Information Visualisation (IV 06), London, England, United Kingdom, 05 -07 July 2006 / E. Banissi, R. A. Burkhard, A. Ursyn, J. J. Zhang, M. Bannatyne, C. Maple, A. J. Cowell, G. Y. Tian and M. Hou (eds.), pp. 124-129