Interview with R. F. I. Smith

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Smith, Robert Frederick Ingram [Interviewee]
Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer]
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Interview with R. F. I. (Robert Frederick Ingram) Smith by George Lewkowicz. Bob worked in the Premier’s Department in the 1970s, has written on public service and policy making. In this interview, he discusses the Premier's Department, policy development and uranium policy during the Dunstan years. The interview was held on 6th June 2008.
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Don Dunstan, South Australia, Dunstan government, Bob Smith, Robert Frederick Ingram Smith, Policy development, Premier’s Department, Policy Division, Bruce Guerin, Uranium mining policy, Nuclear policy, Mines Department, Hugh Hudson, Equality, Charles Kerr, Ben Dickinson, Commonwealth-State relations, State rights, Maralinga, Malcolm Fraser government, Des Corcoran government, Aboriginal Australians, Right to privacy, Freedom of information